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The Collection Season 1 Episode 1

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Description by couchtuner for The Collection Season 1 Episode 1 : THE COLLECTION is a gripping entrepreneurial fable set in France just after the Second World War. An ambitious designer is tasked to restore Paris’ supremacy as the haute couture capital. His fresh vision will usher in a new romantic era lifting the post-war gloom and paving the way for optimism and romance. But can this business, spearheaded by two clashing brothers survive meteoric success? Dark secrets threaten to topple this empire at any moment; internal rivalries and betrayals, hateful bargains made to survive the Nazi occupation, and the twisted secret behind the master’s success. The staff of the atelier survived one devastating war, but another looms, where personal battles and passionate love stories set family against family and the past against the future.

Watch It Here : The Collection Season 1 Episode 1 The Deal

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